Configurations in the cloud

Since a few days, we have available a new version of the App that allows us to store in the cloud the configuration of the App of our mobile phone, to be able to recover it later on that same device or on another different device.

In this way, we can save in the cloud:

  • The list of favorites.
  • The index list of the home page.
  • My Portfolio
  • The ordering in each and every one of the screens.
  • My favorite currency changes.
  • The configuration of filters, etc., etc.

We can upload all this information to the cloud, to two different spaces:

  • Global space to our account.
  • Specific space for the installation of the App on our mobile device.

The global space is very useful to store the configuration of our main device (mobile to tablet) and copy the configuration to other devices.

The configurations saved in the global space, can be recovered (downloaded) on any device where we have registered the same email. The configurations saved in the space of the device can only be recovered on that same device.

The registration of the account is free and only one email address is needed.


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