Online quotes search engine

Today we have added a new functionality to our App. It is a powerful quotation search engine that without just typing the name of the index, the company, the currency, the cryptocurrency or the raw material, is able to locate it and provide us with your latest quote. In addition to the quotation, it will facilitate the market in which it is quoted (unless it is in itself a quote of an index).

This search can be ordered by most of the standard ordering criteria of the App, appearing the ordered list, by default, alphabetically.

If we do not enter any name in the search engine, we will provide a paged list of the entire universe of quotes available in the App.

In addition, from this list we can add to Favorites or to the Home page (as in any Quotizando list) and access its graphics and to register in our portfolio.

Undoubtedly, it is a powerful tool that will make it easier for us to find quotes from any market in the world.

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