The application is translated into the following languages:

  • Chinese.
  • Spanish.
  • English.
  • French.
  • Portuguese.
  • German.
  • Italian.

If you are interested in a specific language, write to us at and we will add it quickly. You can also collaborate with us to improve existing translations. We encourage you to write us to the previous email to provide us with more accurate translations in your native language.

Consultation of quotations

With Quotizando you can consult the following types of quotes:

  • The most important markets in the world (Nasdaq, Dow Jones, IBEX35, etc.).
  • Quotes from companies in previous markets.
  • Change of the major currencies.
  • Crypto coins (the 150 most important crypto coins).
  • Raw Materials.
  • Currency exchange
  • You can check the change of the major currencies of the world.

If there is a market, company or currency that you can not consult, write to and we will add it quickly.

Crypto coins

We will be able to consult the price, in dollars, of the 150 most important crypto currencies.


In addition, you can check the news of the main newspapers of the world. By default, the news will be presented to you in your language, but you can parameterize this query so that:

  • The news is recovered in any language or in a specific language, different from the one that we have configured the App.
  • Recover the news generated only in newspapers in your country.
  • If in the search filter we put URL of the web of a specific newspaper, it will show us only the economic news of that newspaper.

If there is a newspaper that you can not consult, write to and we will add it quickly.


In all quotation lists, by moving the register from right to left, we can add that quote to favorites. Favorites are filtered on the screen of each type of quote (by clicking on the favorites tab), but they are also added to a global list of favorites, where we can mix markets, companies, currencies, crypto currencies or raw materials.

Access to favorites globally, is done through the menu option of the same name.


In all quotation lists, by moving the register from left to right, we can add that quote to the Home screen. In this Home screen we can mix markets, companies, currencies, crypto currencies or raw materials.

If we have defined items in the Start list, when we start the application, this list will be shown by default. If we do not have any item in Start, the market query will be displayed directly.


Create your own portfolio of values. You can indicate the price of the purchase and the number of titles. At this point, you can also decide in which currency the overall amount of your portfolio will be displayed.

To add a certain value to the portfolio, access its detail (graphic and detail) and click on the portfolio icon.

In addition, we can configure that, if we have defined a portfolio, when accessing the App, instead of presenting the Home screen (or Market, if there is no Start defined), we present the screen of ‘My Portfolio’.


Online quotes search engine

It is a powerful quotation search engine that without just typing the name of the index, the company, the currency, the cryptocurrency or the commodities, is able to locate it and provide us with your latest quote. In addition to the quotation, it will facilitate the market in which it is quoted (unless it is in itself a quote of an index).

This search can be ordered by most of the standard ordering criteria of the App, appearing the ordered list, by default, alphabetically.

If we do not enter any name in the search engine, we will provide a paged list of the entire universe of quotes available in the App.

In addition, from this list we can add to Favorites or to the Home page (as in any Quotizando list) and access its graphics and to register in our portfolio.

Coin converter

The coin converter allows you to convert from classic currencies or from cryptocurrencies to any other currency (classic or cryptocurrency), being able to simultaneously convert to any number of currencies at the same time, showing a list of changes for the amount entered. This currency converter works also without connection.



All quote inquiries (markets, companies, currencies, crypts, favorites, home or My Portfolio can be sorted by predefined criteria by clicking on the upper right icon.) In general, we can order by:

  • First name.
  • Quotation.
  • % variation.
  • Quotation difference.
  • State of the market (open, closed).
  • Maximum.
  • Minimum.
  • etc.

In all cases, we can select ascending or descending ordering.

In addition to the predefined orders, all quotation lists can be sorted by our own criteria. To do this, click on the computer icon (3 horizontal stripes). From that moment on, to the right of each item in the list, the sort icon will appear. Clicking on it, we can move that quote up or down. This personalized ordering will prevail over what is configured in the generic configuration.

Color night

By default, the App is configured with this color (black background). We can uncheck the option and the App will be displayed with light colors (blue and white).

Automatic recharge

In all types of consultation of quotations we can decide if the quotes are automatically recharged (every 10 seconds, by default) or if they do not recharge automatically. In this last case, they will be updated when entering the page and each time we manually force it, moving the screen downwards.

Globally, we can also decide how many seconds the quotes will be reloaded. By default, every 10 seconds.