The App

This application aims to be able to consult in the simplest way the most common types of quotes in the market. It is a free App focused on small investors and people interested in knowing how is the stock market, currency exchange, the price of cryptocurrencies as well as raw materials.

In the application, advertising is included with the sole reason of being able to keep the App alive, paying the costs of the servers as well as the cost of the stores (Google and Apple).

Advertising can be eliminated by making a small financial contribution.

The origin and the objective

The application was born as a result of the curiosity of the author, his interest in knowing the state of the market and, above all, of the new crypto coins.

Seeing the applications of the market, which are many and very complete, I came to the conclusion that none of them offered me in a simple way the economic information I was looking for, or rather, none of them presented me the information as I would like to see it.

That is why I embarked on this little adventure with the sole purpose of keeping the application alive in the market for those people who, like me, missed such an App for as long as possible.

I hope that many of you will find it useful.

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